I am Andreas Lindinger. I am...

a Consultant

with an interdisciplinary business
and sustainability background

an Innovator

excited about the nexus of strategy,
communication and digitalisation

an Urbanist

passionate about livable cities
and next-generation transportation

…who wants to leverage his self-initiative, creativity, skills, expertise and international experience to collaborate within teams and across networks to address today’s interdisciplinary challenges in transformative environments. Thereby, I want to develop and co-create socially, environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for mobility, infrastructure and digitalisation.

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.

— Jane Jacobs —

My Skills

Applying a flexible and adaptive skillset to today's biggest challenges.

The climate crisis, urbanization and other major challenges are too complex to be solved by one specialized discipline as their interconnectedness requires transdisciplinary solutions and broad interest in systems, methods and concepts. So, I aim at applying these skills that I’ve acquired throughout my education, projects and professional career:

Analytic and Business Reasoning

Analysis: Strong analytic, research and IT skills paired with the ability to quickly pick up complex problems

Reasoning: Ability to access and analyze large amounts of information and to apply data-based reasoning

Problem solving: Ability to unpack complex problems and to come up with genuinely novel solutions

Business thinking: Finance background with the ability to align sustainability and business objectives

Adaptive and Transdisciplinary Thinking

Critical thinking: Finding solutions beyond what is routine by applying judgment, creativity and curiosity

Interconnectedness: Adressing interrelated economic, social and environmental challenges

Systems thinking: Taking a broad, holistic view to make connections and adapt in response to feedback

Transdisciplinarity: Understanding concepts across multiple disciplines and linking disciplines together

Leadership and Communication Skills

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to collaborate within teams and across networks

Project Management: Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work and to manage projects effectively

Communication: Ability to communicate and drive change, fluency in English and German

Social Media: Assess and develop new media content for effective communication and networking

What is most attractive, what attracts people to stop and linger and look, will invariably be other people.  Activity in human life is the greatest attraction in cities.

— Jan Gehl —

My Work

Working on making our cities smart, liveable and sustainable for everyone.

Urban Management Consultant at

  • Providing smart city consulting for developing smart cities/districts/sites, with operationalisation, evaluation and communication of objectives
  • Managing and executing consulting projects for industry, mobility, real estate, banks, retail, public sector and other actors, including project acquisition, leading of project teams, project management/controlling and communication
  • Executing strategy and stakeholder processes for national and international clients, including analyses, workshops, business model generation, financial analyses and implementation planning
  • Managing and executing national and international research projects

Founder and City Organizer at

  • Organizing the international Jane’s Walk festival since 2014 in Vienna to celebrate Jane Jacobs’ legacy
  • Promoting community-based city building with more than 100 citizen-led walking tours with more than 2,700 participants across Vienna so far
  • Leading our Viennese team, coordinating events, and communicating the project (website, social media, newsletter, design, networking, PR)
  • Telling the Jane’s Walk story through speaking engagements (talks / panel discussions), book contributions (“Cities for All”, “Citizen Engagement in Practice”) and (conference) walkshops

Founder and Urbanist at

  • Discussing and sharing strategies, best practices and ideas from the world’s most liveable cities
  • Spreading innovative insights into liveable city building and sustainable transportation through my broad international network
  • Telling Vienna’s smart urbanism success stories through articles, social media and Next-Generation Transportation webinars and lectures

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Check out what I am doing and what I've done so far.

The truth about a city’s aspirations isn’t found in its vision. It’s found in its budget.

— Brent Toderian —

My Activities

Always looking for thought leadership and engaging discussions.

By appreciating cities as transdisciplinary hubs of innovative, creative and forward-thinking people, I regularly visit panel discussions, symposia and other events to connect, learn and share in an urban environment. Here’s a list of most of the events that I’ve visited since the start of this website in 2009, including past and upcoming events for the current year:

(last updated 31 December 2020)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/23 Discussion: Superblocks – A planning instrument for the city of the future? (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/14 Conference: EnInnov (TU, Graz)
  • 03/11 Webinar: The State of Public Transit 2020
  • 04/17 Webinar: COVID-19 Expertenrunde: Impact on our mobility (TU Vienna)
  • 04/21 Webinar: Dutch Urban Design – What Can Canadian Cities Adopt?
  • 04/21 Webinar: COVID-19 und das Tracking von Bewegungsdaten
  • 04/22 Webinar: -1,5°- und deutlich unter 2°C-Klimastrategien
  • 04/23 Webinar: Community Engagement during COVID-19
  • 04/29 Webinar: Scope 3 – Umgang mit THG-Emissionen aus der Wertschöpfungskette
  • 04/30 Webinar: Digital Learning Journey 1/3: Corona & Mobilität – Wohin geht die Reise?
  • 04/30 Webinar: Climate Chatter: Tackling the plastic crisis
  • 04/30 Webinar: Reimagining and Repurposing Engagement during COVID-19
  • 05/02 Jane’s Walk Toronto Virtual Keynote: Jan Gehl: COVID-19 and Public Space
  • 05/03 Jane’s Walk Toronto Webinar: Moving Through Space
  • 05/06 Webinar: Nachhaltig Wirtschaften post Corona: Utopie oder einzig vernünftige Lösung?
  • 05/06 Webinar: Making Sense of Net Zero and Climate Positive
  • 05/07 Webinar: Climate risk assessment using the TCFD framework
  • 05/12 Webinar: Living Leadership – Führen in der Krise
  • 05/13 Webinar: Forever Employable – How To Make Your Career Invincible
  • 05/14 Webinar: Digital Learning Journey 2/3: Corona & Mobilität – Wohin geht die Reise?
  • 05/18 Webinar: UTIP: The key role of public transport to build back better: Climate
  • 05/26 Webinar: Taste the Sound of Leadership
  • 05/28 Webinar: Digital Learning Journey 3/3: Corona & Mobilität – Wohin geht die Reise?
  • 06/03 Webinar: Lage der europäischen Logistik
  • 06/03 Webinar: The business case for visual journalism
  • 06/08 Webinar: Urban Future: How to mobilise? Mastering the task of getting others on board
  • 06/23 Webinar: Wie sich die Mobilität in Wien durch Corona verändert
  • 09/01 Discussion: Urban Transformations – Für immer Krise? Zwischen Katastrophenrhetorik und selbstbewusster Klimapolitik
  • 09/14 Webinar: Abschlussveranstaltung zur FTI-Strategie Mobilität
  • 09/17 Ceremony: VCÖ Mobilitätspreis Österreich Preisverleihung
  • 09/29 Webinar: KEP Branchenreport 2020
  • 11/13 Webinar: VCÖ Güterverkehr auf Klimakurs bringen
  • 11/18 Webinar: Paketzustellung L2030+
  • 11/19 Webinar: Community creates Mobility – Digital Learning Journey “Betriebliche Mobilität – stop talking, start doing”
  • 11/24 Webinar: GRESB Real Estate Results Europe 2020
  • 11/25 Webinar: Sustainable Real Estate
  • 12/04 Webinar: Stadt der Zukunft – 8. Ausschreibung
  • 12/10 Webinar: How Real Estate can decarbonise and achieve net zero collectively
Other activities

  • 05/01 Jane’s Walk Toronto Virtual Walk: Don Mills Transformation
  • 05/02 Jane’s Walk New Haven Virtual Walk: New Haven Pizza History 101
  • 05/03 Jane’s Walk Kuala Lumpur & London Virtual Walk: A Tale of Two Cities
  • 05/03 Jane’s Walk Toronto Virtual Walk: From Bricks to Cars
  • 05/03 Jane’s Walk New Haven Virtual Walk: Old School New Urbanism
  • 09/18 Walk: Seestadt Aspern – “Seeparkquartier”
  • 09/18 Walk: Supergrätzl Volkertviertel
  • 10/02 Walk: Seestadt Aspern – Baustellenführung Quartier “Am Seebogen”
  • 12/03 Book launch: Klassenreise

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/23 Innovative Business Cases for a Sustainable Future (WKO, Vienna)
  • 02/14 IEWT International Energy Economics Conference (Technical University, Vienna)
  • 02/28 WSED World Sustainable Energy Days Conference (Messe, Wels)
  • 04/25 Discussion “Renaissance of Walking” (Nordbahnhalle, Vienna)
  • 05/29 Discussion R20 “Sustainable Cities” (Technical University, Vienna)
  • 06/06 Talk by Richard Florida on “The New Urban Crisis” (UNIQA Tower, Vienna)
  • 06/07 Discussion “Participation Formats and Culture of Remembrance” (CIC, Villach)
  • 06/14 International Cargo Bike Conference (Suikerfabriekterrein, Groningen)
  • 06/17-18 Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) Conference (De Oosterpoort, Groningen)
  • 10/08 Decarbonising Industry Conference (TUtheSky, Vienna)
  • 10/30 Circular Cities Talk (Das Glashaus, Vienna)
  • 11/20 Sustainable Logistics 2030+ Lower Austria – Vienna Closing Event (Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/21 Seestadt Aspern Exhibition “Seeterrassen competition” (Seestadt, Vienna)
  • 05/03-05 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2019 (8 of 18 walks) (Vienna)
  • 05/08 Smart Walk (Viertel Zwei, Vienna)
  • 05/10 Architecture Walk “PVA” (PVA, Vienna)
  • 05/16 #KommRaus Walkshop “Cool Vienna” (Nordbahnviertel, Vienna)
  • 05/18 #KommRaus Walkshop “100 Jane’s Walks” (Vienna)
  • 05/19 100th Jane’s Walk “GMPDFR” (Gumpendorferstrasse, Vienna)
  • 05/25 Walk “Bruno-Marek-Allee” (Nordbahnviertel, Vienna)
  • 06/28 Construction Site Tour “Education Campus Nordbahnhof” (Nordbahnviertel, Vienna)
  • 09/27 Earth Strike (Vienna)
  • 10/18-20 Jane’s Walk Seminar “Play the City Game” (Zagreb)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/08 Discussion “Smart City” with Adam Greenfield and Ina Homeier (Radiocafe, Vienna)
  • 02/16 EnInnov Conference (TU, Graz)
  • 02/28-03/01 Urban Future Global Conference (Messe, Vienna)
  • 03/05 Talk “Selbstfahrende Zukunft? Visionen von Mobilität, Stadt und Gesellschaft” (Driverless future? Visions of mobility, city and society) (Nordbahnhalle, Vienna)
  • 03/07 Conference “Fernwärmetage” (District Heating Days) (Congress, Salzburg)
  • 06/18 Conference “Engerati Meets” (weXelerate, Vienna)
  • 06/26 Workshop “Investing in the Energy Transition” (Wissensturm, Linz)
  • 09/27 Talk “The Road to Unfreedom” by Timothy Snyder at Humanities Festival (City Hall, Vienna)
  • 10/04 International Sustainable Energy Conference (Congress, Graz)
  • 10/27 Nordbahnhallen-Forum at Urbanize Conference (Nordbahnhalle, Vienna)
  • 11/13 Impact Hub WineDown: Urban Innovation (Impact Hub, Vienna)
  • 11/14 Growth in Transition conference: Session “Good deal? Preconditions for Sustainable Finance” (Austria Center, Vienna)
  • 11/28 Talk/Discussion “Austria 2035” (Deloitte, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 05/04-06 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2018 (12 of 20 walks) (Vienna)
  • 05/18-20 Jane’s Walk Seminar (Zagreb)
  • 09/15 Jane’s Walk “Die Liechtensteinstraße” (Vienna)
  • 09/15 Streetlife Festival (Vienna)
  • 09/16 Open House Vienna (Vienna)
  • 09/28 Tag der Wohnstraße (Day of the Living Street) (Vienna)
  • 12/01 Mediencamp Vienna (Impact Hub, Vienna)
  • 12/03 Exhibition opening “The Vienna Model” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/10 Discussion “Neue Partnerschaften in der Stadtteilentwicklung” (New partnerships in neighbourhood development) (Wien Museum, Vienna)
  • 01/17 Discussion “Stadtentwicklung und die Wohnungsfrage” (Urban development and the housing issue) (AzW, Vienna)
  • 01/30 Talk “Responsive Cities” (Wirtschaftskammer, Vienna)
  • 03/01-02 Conference “World Sustainable Energy Days” (Stadthalle, Wels)
  • 05/01 Conference “Smart Cities Days” (City Hall, Vienna)
  • 06/01 Workshop “Investieren in die Energiewende” (Investing in the Energy Transformation) (Edu4You, Vienna)
  • 06/27 Discussion “Evolution of Green Business Certification in Europe” (Blaue Lagune, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 02/16 Conference “BauZ – Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building” (Messe, Vienna)
  • 05/05-07 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2017 (8 of 19 walks) (Vienna)
  • 05/12 Walk “History of Nordbahnhof” (Nordbahnhof, Vienna)
  • 05/19 Walk “Nordbahnhof” with Alexandra Madreiter (Nordbahnhof, Vienna)
  • 06/12 Project presentation “Mischung:Nordbahnhof” (Nordbahnhalle, Vienna)
  • 06/14 Bezirksforum “Nordbahnhof” (Nordbahnhalle, Vienna)
  • 06/30 Walk “Austria Campus” (Austria Campus, Vienna)
  • 07/08 Walk “Seestadt” (Seestadt Aspern, Vienna)
  • 08/09 Movie screening “Citizen Jane” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 09/02 Opening “U1 Subway Extension” (U1, Vienna)
  • 10/22 Walk “AzW vor Ort: Alt Erlaa” (Alt Erlaa, Vienna)
  • 12/02 Mediencamp Vienna (Impact Hub, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/28 Discussion “Planning for Vienna’s Future” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/04 Discussion “New Space for the City of Tomorrow” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/16 Conference “TRANSFORM+ Final Conference” (TU, Vienna)
  • 02/17 Talk by Saskia Sassen “Smart City” (AK, Vienna)
  • 02/18 Discussion “Bruno Marek Allee – An Urban Boulevard” (Wohnprojekt, Vienna)
  • 02/29 Discussion “Imagineering Streets for the Post-Carbon City” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 03/02-03 Urban Future Global Conference (Messe, Graz)
  • 04/11 Discussion “Bikes vs Cars” (TU, Vienna)
  • 04/14 Discussion “Public space in new urban districts” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 04/26 Discussion “Jane’s Talk: Wie(n) gehts?” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 05/03 Conference “EARTHtalks” (MQ, Vienna)
  • 06/16 Discussion “Nordbahnhof site: Chances and risks” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 09/21 Exhibition opening “Wien bewegt. Die Zukunft urbaner Mobilität” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 09/21 Discussion “Ready for occupancy in 2016: Seestadt Aspern” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 09/22 Discussion “Verkehrspolitik in den Bezirken” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/20 Exhibition opening “Garten Bau Kunst” (West46, Vienna)
  • 04/15 Walk “History of Nordbahnhof” (Nordbahnhof, Vienna)
  • 05/05-08 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2016 (Vienna)
  • 05/12 Exhibition opening “Vienna! Under construction…” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 05/14 Walk “U2/U5 Linienkreuz” (Vienna)
  • 05/14 Jane’s Walk “Von der City quer durchs Weißgerberviertel” (Vienna)
  • 05/27 Jane’s Walk “Geschäfte mit Geschichte in Wien” (Vienna)
  • 05/28 Jane’s Walk “Vom Fabriksgelände zum Erholungsgebiet” (Vienna)
  • 06/03 Walk “Nordbahnhof” with Alexandra Madreiter (Vienna)
  • 08/17 Walk “Nordbahnhof” with Lina Streeruwitz (Vienna)
  • 09/10 Open House Vienna 2016 (Vienna)
  • 11/05-06 Jane’s Walk City Organizer Summit (Toronto)
  • 11/02 GovCamp Vienna 2016 (Verwaltungsakademie, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/13 Talk by Julian Petrin on “Changing the city together” (TU, Vienna)
  • 01/22 Discussion “Vienna Calling” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 01/28 Workshop “Current Developments in Climate Protection” (KPC, Vienna)
  • 01/29 Talk by Neal Gorenflo on “The City as a Commons” (LA21 Josefstadt, Vienna)
  • 02/05 Discussion “Technology and Smart Urban Planning” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/10 Discussion “Visualizing news” (Impact Hub, Vienna)
  • 02/12 Discussion “Mobility in the Smart City” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/19 Discussion “Perspectives on Smart Planning” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 02/24 Presentation of draft “Masterplan Participation” (Urania, Vienna)
  • 03/04 “Smart Cities Week” Conference (Congress, Salzburg)
  • 03/10 Talk by Harald Frey on “Foot transport planning essentials” (TU, Vienna)
  • 04/23 Discussion “Digital Trends in Public Administration” (Haus der Musik, Vienna)
  • 05/28 EARTHtalks 2015 (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 06/23 TEDxVienna CITYx (MAK, Vienna)
  • 10/03 Future Urban Mobility Lab (Brotfabrik, Vienna)
  • 10/07 Urbanize Talk “Shareconomy” (Urbanize Festivalzentrale, Vienna)
  • 10/20-25 Walk21 Vienna (City Hall, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/20 Exhibition opening “” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 04/28 Presentation “Ring 150+ Visions for Vienna’s Ringstrasse” (MQ, Vienna)
  • 05/01-03 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2015 (Vienna)
  • 05/09 Smart Citizen Lab (Seestadt Aspern, Vienna)
  • 08/01 Opening of the redesigned Mariahilferstrasse (Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna)
  • 09/10 Exhibition opening “VIEWIEN” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 09/12-13 Open House Wien 2015 (Vienna)
  • 09/12 Streetlife Festival (Babenbergerstrasse, Vienna)
  • 09/12 Wiener Forschungsfest (Naschmarkt, Vienna)
  • 10/18 Jane’s Walk21 (Vienna)
  • 12/03 Final celebration of Vienna’s “Year of Walking” (Alte Post, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/09 Talk by Sigrid Stagl on Ecological Economics (WU, Vienna)
  • 01/14 Talk by Harald Welzer on Transformation Processes (WU, Vienna)
  • 01/16 Talk by Dirk Messner on the Great Transformation (KPC, Vienna)
  • 01/21 Book launch “Public Space and urban transformation” (WUK, Vienna)
  • 01/22 Talk by Ali Madanipour on “Urban transformation” (Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna)
  • 02/19 Lecture by Ingrid Brodnig on “The invisible human” (Thalia, Vienna)
  • 02/24 klima:aktiv Mobility Conference (WKO, Vienna)
  • 02/25 Talk by Harald Frey on “Who plans the planning of traffic?” (VHS Alsergrund, Vienna)
  • 03/03 Lecture by Alberto Castro on “Pedestrians-Cyclists conflicts” (TU, Vienna)
  • 03/05 Panel discussion “Alpbach Talks: Future Housing” (TU, Vienna)
  • 03/10 Lecture by Peter Cox on “Bike design diversity” (TU, Vienna)
  • 03/11 Panel discussion “Portraits of a growing city” (Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna)
  • 03/19 Talk by Konrad Paul Liessmann on “Future of the City” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 04/23 Conference “Vienna grows” (AK Bildungszentrum, Vienna)
  • 04/23 Discussion “Vienna 2025 – Urban Development Plan” (Odeon, Vienna)
  • 04/29 Talk by Harald Frey on “New pedestrian areas” (VHS Alsergrund, Vienna)
  • 05/15 EARTHtalks 2014 (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 05/20 KPC Expert Day on Environmental Subsidies (KPC, Vienna)
  • 06/12 Talk by Jan Gehl on “Livable Cities for the 21st Century” (Amtshaus 7., Vienna)
  • 09/25 TEDxVienna CITYx (Weltmuseum, Vienna)
  • 09/30 Discussion “Cooperation – Participation” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 10/03 Urbanize Lecture by Nils Zurawski on “Safe City” (Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna)
  • 10/08 Discussion “New Energy Solutions for Buildings” (MQ, Vienna)
  • 10/08 Discussion “City of the Future – Future of the City” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 11/18 Urban Future Global Conference (Messe, Graz)
  • 11/21 Gov 2.0 Camp (City Hall, Vienna)
  • 11/25 Zero Emission Cities Conference (City Hall, Vienna)
  • 12/03 Talk by Elisabeth Alexander on “Shared Spaces” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/29 Movie screening “The Human Scale” (Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna)
  • 02/14 Walking tour “Mariahilferstraße” (Mariahilferstraße, Vienna)
  • 02/17 Launch of “Ökotopia” (Ecotopia) (Denkstatt, Vienna)
  • 03/04 Movie premiere “Macht Energie” (Gartenbaukino, Vienna)
  • 03/06 Magazine launch “future.lab Magazine” (Planungswerkstatt, Vienna)
  • 03/11 Magazine launch “ZUKUNFT” (Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna)
  • 03/14 Exhibition opening “Urban development: Viertel Zwei Plus” (Stadioncenter, Vienna)
  • 03/15 Exhibition opening “Think Global, Build Social!” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 04/05 Walking tour “Jewish life in Ottakring and Hernals” (Vienna)
  • 04/09 Magazine launch “dérive #55 – Scarcity Urbanism” (w23, Vienna)
  • 05/02-04 Jane’s Walk Vienna 2014 (Vienna)
  • 06/03 Walking tour “Geh-Café in Vienna’s Inner District” (Vienna)
  • 06/25 Walking tour “Geh-Café in Vienna’s new Nordbahnviertel” (Vienna)
  • 07/09 Exhibition opening “Europe’s Best Buildings” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 07/15 Walking tour “Geh-Café in Vienna’s Neubau District” (Vienna)
  • 08/11 Smarter Than Car Think-Tank “Bike Sharing” (Das Packhaus, Vienna)
  • 08/23 Instawalk “City as a Kaleidoscope” (Sandleiten, Vienna)
  • 10/05 Urbanize Walking tour “The Order of the City” (Inner City, Vienna)
  • 10/07 Instawalk “Vienna’s new Central Station” (Central Station, Vienna)
  • 10/12 Urbanize Cycling Tour “Urban Realities” (Vienna)
  • 10/15 “Hypotopia” opening (Karlsplatz, Vienna)
  • 10/17 October Critical Mass (Vienna)
  • 10/17 “Worldwide Cycle Shorts Selection” Movie Night (Gartenbaukino, Vienna)
  • 11/14 Opening of redesigned Mariahilfer Straße (Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna)
  • 12/10 Network meeting Walk21 / Year of Walking (Ma 18, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/10 Talk by Jeff Tumlin “Sex, Neuroscience and Walkable Urbanism” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 01/29 Talk “Fuel Cell Systems and Power Converters” (ICBC Salon, Vancouver)
  • 01/31 Talk “Drivers of the 7 Billion” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 02/07 Panel discussion “Greenest City 2020 State of the Union” (SAP Canada, Vancouver)
  • 02/12 Talk by Matt Hern “In defense of an urban future” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 02/21 Talk by Mark Kingwell “Is public space a public good?” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 05/16 EARTHtalks 2013 (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 05/22 Citizen dialogue “Vienna 2025: Urban development” (ODEON, Vienna)
  • 05/23 Panel discussion “Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit” (Kommunalkredit, Vienna)
  • 05/28 Vienna Energy Forum 2013 (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 06/12 Talk by Scott Maier “Fact checking and Data literacy” (MQ, Vienna)
  • 06/24-30 Global Power Shift (ITU, Istanbul)
  • 09/19 Panel discussion “Greenest city conversations” (SFU livestream, Vancouver)
  • 09/20 TEDx Vienna “City 2.0” (Weltmuseum, Vienna)
  • 09/23 Citizen dialogue “Vienna 2025: Participation and direct democracy” (ODEON, Vienna)
  • 10/07 Urbanize Panel discussion “Future housing” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 10/08 Urbanize Panel discussion “Post-Auto-Mobil” (Hundsturm, Vienna)
  • 10/21 Future Lectures Talk by Dennis Meadows (WU, Vienna)
  • 10/23 Talk by Dieter Helm: “European Energy Policy” (ÖGAVN, Vienna)
  • 10/23 Stakeholder dialogue “Sustainable change” (Cafe Griensteidl, Vienna)
  • 10/25 Panel discussion “Salon publik #3” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 11/02 TEDx Vienna “Unlimited” (Volkstheater, Vienna)
  • 11/06 Zero Emission Cities conference (City Hall, Vienna)
  • 11/06 Panel discussion “Energy future at the crossroads” (MOYA, Vienna)
  • 11/11 Panel discussion “Austria’s environmental policy” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 11/13 Talk by Johannes Meier “The End of Business-As-Usual?” (ÖGAVN, Vienna)
  • 11/13 Panel discussion: “25 Years of the Donauinsel” (AzW, Vienna)
  • 11/21 Talk by Daniel Yergin “Future Energy” (WU, Vienna)
  • 11/26 Smart Cities Week (Ares Tower, Vienna)
  • 12/11 Book presentation by Ugo Bardi “Plundering the Planet” (Impact Hub, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/01 Polar Bear Swim (English Bay Beach, Vancouver)
  • 02/26 Movie screening “Gritty city: Vancouver in the 60s” (Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver)
  • 05/13 EARTHtalks movie screening “A Fierce Green Fire” (De France, Vienna)
  • 05/14 EARTHtalks movie screening “Just Do It” (De France, Vienna)
  • 05/14 EARTHtalks movie screening “In Transition” (De France, Vienna)
  • 05/15 DerStandard Bühnenzeitung Storytelling event (ODEON, Vienna)
  • 09/06 Opening of redesigned Ottakringer Straße (Ottakringer Straße, Vienna)
  • 09/15 Vienna Research Festival “Smart City” (Naschmarkt, Vienna)
  • 09/20 Walking tour “Good practice” (Rochusmarkt, Vienna)
  • 09/20 Festival “Tag des Respekts” (MQ, Vienna)
  • 10/13 Walking tour “A sustainable city” (Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm)
  • 10/25 Exhibition opening “ZusammenHalt!” (KosmosTheater, Vienna)
  • 11/12 Expert dialogue “Smart Working” (Deloitte, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/10 Supertaalk #10 “I buy, therefore I am” (Adria Wien, Vienna)
  • 01/12 Panel discussion “United States of Europe” (Haus der EU, Vienna)
  • 01/17 Panel discussion “Taxes and tax havens” (VIDC, Vienna)
  • 01/18 Panel discussion “Liquid democracy” (Museumsquartier, Vienna)
  • 01/23 ZARA talk “Right-wing extremism, populism, racism” (Hauptbücherei, Vienna)
  • 01/24 Panel discussion “New forms of democracy” (Kreisky Forum, Vienna)
  • 01/25 Panel discussion “Typically Austrian?” (Nationalbibliothek, Vienna)
  • 03/12 Presentation “The heart of the adventurer” (Vorklinik, Graz)
  • 04/22 Panel discussion “Climate crimes OR Real solutions?” (Public Library, Vancouver)
  • 05/11 Talk “Urban Farming in Vancouver” (Convention Centre, Vancouver)
  • 05/26 Panel discussion “Next generation sustainability” (UBC CIRS, Vancouver)
  • 05/26 Interactive dialogue “Online voting” (HiVE, Vancouver)
  • 05/29 Presentation “Canadian Clean Tech Survey” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 05/29 Green Tech Exchange “Community energy development” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 05/31 TED Vancouver Audition (Roundhouse, Vancouver)
  • 06/04 Talk “Sticks, carrots and tambourines” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 06/06 Vancouver Urban Forum (Playhouse, Vancouver)
  • 06/06 BCSEA Talk “Vancouver post-Copenhagen” (Railway Club, Vancouver)
  • 06/19 Jane’s Walk Recap & Dialogue (Museum of Vancouver, Vancouver)
  • 06/26 Green Tech Exchange “Energy Efficient Homes” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 06/28 Talk “Bicycle culture by design” (SFU Woodwards, Vancouver)
  • 07/19 SFU City conversations “Heads up, broccoli” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 07/26 Talk “Realizing the opportunities” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 08/02 SFU City Conversations “Romance and Reality of Urban Food” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 08/12 Vancouver Urbanist Meetup August (Darby’s Public House, Vancouver)
  • 08/16 Talk “Kiwi Urbanism” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 09/05 Canadian-German Bioenergy Conference (Sheraton, Vancouver)
  • 09/06 SFU City Conversations “Go East, Young Vancouverite” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 09/18 SFU Public Square “Opening Night” (Orpheum, Vancouver)
  • 09/19 SFU Public Square “Student & Youth Conference” (Roundhouse, Vancouver)
  • 09/20 SFU City Conversations “Lonely in Vancouver” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 09/20 Carbon Talks “BC’s Carbon Tax Shift” (SFU, Vancouver)
  • 09/20 BUILT CITY @MOV “Urban Evolution Retold” (Museum of Vancouver, Vancouver)
  • 09/21 SFU Public Square “Raincity Chronicles” (Playhouse, Vancouver)
  • 10/17 Block 51 – A look forward (Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver)
Other activities

  • 01/27 Twisit “Green City council” (Rathaus, Vienna)
  • 01/27 Commemorative rally “Liberation of Auschwitz” (Heldenplatz, Vienna)
  • 02/11 Demonstration against ACTA (Hauptplatz, Graz)
  • 02/25 Demonstration against ACTA (Herrengasse, Graz)
  • 03/31 Earth Hour (Vancouver)
  • 04/14 Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade (Vancouver)
  • 04/19 Projecting Change Filmfestival (SFU Woodwards, Vancouver)
  • 04/22 Earth Day Pancake Brunch (CROWS Point Community Garden, Vancouver)
  • 04/22 Earth Day celebration (Grandview Park, Vancouver)
  • 05/06 Jane’s Walk “West End” (West End, Vancouver)
  • 05/11 EPIC Sustainable Living Expo (Convention Centre, Vancouver)
  • 05/26 Green walking tour (UBC CIRS, Vancouver)
  • 06/02 West End Farmers Market Opening (Vancouver)
  • 06/17 Car Free Day Vancouver (Denman Street, Vancouver)
  • 06/29 Velopalooza Critical Mass Vancouver (Vancouver)
  • 07/01 Canada Day (Canada Place, Vancouver)
  • 08/05 Vancouver Pride Parade (Denman Street, Vancouver)
  • 08/05 Vancouver Pride Festival (Sunset Beach, Vancouver)
  • 08/11 A Planning Tour of Vancouver’s West End (West End, Vancouver)
  • 08/11 West End Cultural Celebration (West End, Vancouver)
  • 09/22 Walking Tour “Vancouver’s West End Remembered” (West End, Vancouver)
  • 09/23 Main Street Mosey (Main Street, Vancouver)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/10 Panel discussion “The climate conference in Cancun” (C3, Vienna)
  • 01/13 Symposium “Kreisky’s economic policy” (Oktogon of Bank Austria, Vienna)
  • 03/10 Panel discussion “Euro crisis” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 03/14 Talk “Globalization and Financial crisis” (Hilton, Vienna)
  • 05/07 PolitCamp Graz (Congress, Graz)
  • 05/18 Parliamentary debate “Budget law 2012-15” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 05/19 Panel discussion”Renewable Energy and Electricity Grids” (Hollmann B., Vienna)
  • 05/23 Panel discussion “eMobility @ Austria” (Deloitte, Vienna)
  • 05/24 EARTHtalks 2011 (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 06/06 Panel discussion “Commodities trade” (AK Bildungszentrum, Vienna)
  • 10/12 Talk by Concentration camp survivor Prof. Gelbard (BSA, Vienna)
  • 10/15 Talk by Stephane Hessel “Indignez-vous!” (Mariahilferplatz, Graz)
  • 10/21 Workshop “Power to the People” (Grüne Akademie, Graz)
  • 10/21 Panel discussion “From scarcity to abundance” (Forum Stadtpark, Graz)
  • 11/08 Supertaalk: “Parliament vs. PR: Parties in crisis?” (Adria Wien, Vienna)
  • 11/11 Panel discussion “The future of online journalism” (Adria Wien, Vienna)
  • 11/26 AfrikaCamp Graz (Afro Asiatisches Institut, Graz)
  • 11/30 UNIDO Round Table “Promoting innovative industries and technologies for a sustainable future in Europe and NIS region” (Vienna International Center, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/16 Movie launch “Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben” (Schubert Kino, Graz)
  • 01/17 Lecture “KHG telephone protocols” (Audimax University of Vienna, Vienna)
  • 03/15 Silent vigil against nuclear power (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 03/19 Demonstration “100 Years International Women’s Day” (Ring, Vienna)
  • 04/26 Book presentation “Das grüne Wirtschaftswunder” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 05/14 World Fair Trade Day Event Graz (Tummelplatz, Graz)
  • 05/19 Lecture Performance “The Yes Men” (C1, Vienna)
  • 06/25 Africa Festival Graz (Augarten, Graz)
  • 09/30 Alpe Adria Organics Festival (Hauptplatz, Graz)
  • 11/05 Walking tour “30 years Green party of Graz” (Minoritensaal u.a., Graz)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/12 Panel discussion “Data retention” (OCG, Vienna)
  • 01/19 SERI workshop “e-co” (Altes AKH, Vienna)
  • 01/26 BackTalk #7 with Beatrice Achaleke (Depot, Vienna)
  • 01/28-29 Conference “Growth in transition” (Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna)
  • 01/28 Evening talk “Growth in transition” (Haus der Industrie, Vienna)
  • 01/29 Franz Schuh talks with Robert Menasse (Theater des Augenblicks, Vienna)
  • 02/04 Congress “Envietech” (Austria Center Vienna, Vienna)
  • 02/23 BackTalk #8 with Corinna Milborn (Depot, Vienna)
  • 02/26 Panel discussion “Will the EU become a surveillance state?” (Radio FRO, Linz)
  • 05/08 PolitCamp/BarCamp Graz (Wilder Mann, Graz)
  • 06/19 Climate Congress Graz (Forum Stadtpark, Graz)
  • 09/20 Talk “Black book agriculture” with Hans Weiss (Kreisky-Forum, Vienna)
  • 09/23 Talk “Structured irresponsibility” with Sighard Neckel (Kreisky-Forum, Vienna)
  • 09/29 Talk “Equal societies” with Richard Wilkinson (Kreisky-Forum, Vienna)
  • 10/11 Talk “Democracy and emotion” with Frank Nullmeier (Kreisky-Forum, Vienna)
  • 10/18 Book presentation “Anleitung zur Weltverbesserung” (Kreisky-Forum, Vienna)
  • 11/30 Budget speech (Parliament, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/15-16 Workshop “Communication in networks” (Grünes Haus, Vienna)
  • 01/30 Opening “House 16A” (Haus 16A / Radio B138, Kirchdorf)
  • 02/03 Blogtail (Cserni Bar, Vienna)
  • 02/20 GreenCamp (Grünes Haus, Vienna)
  • 03/04 Light for the World exhibition “Lights for Africa” (Börsensäle, Vienna)
  • 03/11 Bologna Burns Demonstration against education/social spending cuts (Vienna)
  • 04/09 2010.kommentiert radio show with Robert Misik (Radio B138, Kirchdorf)
  • 04/09 Lecture Robert Misik (Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule, Schlierbach)
  • 04/13 Movie premiere “Energy Autonomy” (Gartenbaukino, Vienna)
  • 05/29 Südwind Street Festival (Altes AKH, Vienna)
  • 06/07-10 Green bloggers journey to Brussels (European Parliament, Brussels)
  • 08/27-28 Bock Ma’s Festival (Burg, Timelkam)
  • 10/05 Vienna Night Run for Light for the World (Ringstraße, Vienna)
  • 10/26 Open Day at the Parliament (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 10/26 Movie premiere “Die verrückte Welt der Ute Bock” (Gartenbaukino, Vienna)

Conferences, talks and panel discussions

  • 01/13 Panel discussion “Migration / A moment of freedom” (Votivkino, Vienna)
  • 01/14 Panel discussion “How far-right is Austria?” (Volkstheater, Vienna)
  • 01/15 Book presentation Eugen Freund “President Obama” (Amerika Haus, Vienna)
  • 01/18 Panel discussion “Inauguration Barack Obama” (Lycee Francais, Vienna)
  • 01/21 Talk Stephen Wayne “The Obama Administration” (Amerika Haus, Vienna)
  • 01/22 Panel discussion “Sustain 2.0” (Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna)
  • 01/26 Talk Eva Illouz “Emotional Capitalism” (Kreisky Forum, Vienna)
  • 01/31 AfricaCamp (W@lz, Vienna)
  • 02/16 Book presentation Robert Misik “Against conservatives” (Kreisky Forum, Vienna)
  • 02/20 Congress “Solidarity economy” (BOKU, Vienna)
  • 03/04 Panel discussion “Politics with other tools” (VHS Alsergrund, Vienna)
  • 03/05 Talk Mark Terkessidis “Integration” (Semperdepot, Vienna)
  • 03/09 Panel discussion “Right of stay” (Depot, Vienna)
  • 03/17 Panel discussion “Quality journalism” (NIG, Wien, Vienna)
  • 03/18 Panel discussion “Sustainable consumption 2.0” (Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna)
  • 03/27 Panel discussion “Contradictions that help us” (Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna)
  • 04/15 Talk Rudi Anschober “Energy revolution” (Schloss Neupernstein, Kirchdorf)
  • 04/21 Budget speech (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 04/23 Talk Dennis Leaf “Clean Fuel and Vehicle Policies” (Amerika Haus, Vienna)
  • 04/25 Symposium “Democratic Europe” (Diplomatische Akademie, Vienna)
  • 04/27 Panel discussion “Energy and Environment in the EU” (Kreisky Forum, Vienna)
  • 04/28 Panel discussion “Microcredit” (Weltcafe, Vienna)
  • 05/04 Panel discussion “Racism in Vienna, 10 years after Omofuma” (Depot, Vienna)
  • 05/05 Conference “Create another Europe” (GPA, Vienna)
  • 05/06 Expert hearing in the Parliamentary budget committee” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 05/13 Panel discussion “Which growth is sustainable?” (Hauptbücherei, Vienna)
  • 05/14 Panel discussion “Energy revolution and green jobs” (Kongresshaus, Bad Ischl)
  • 06/10 Workshop “The growth debate is open” (Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna)
  • 06/13 Barcamp (MODUL University, Vienna)
  • 06/22 Vienna Energy Conference (Hofburg, Vienna)
  • 06/22 Talk Heiner Flassbeck “Market fundamentalism” (Kreisky Forum, Vienna)
  • 06/24 Panel discussion “Ö1 Radio: The Greens” (Radiokulturhaus, Vienna)
  • 06/29 Panel discussion “Where did the crisis come from?” (Haus der Musik, Vienna)
  • 07/23 Sustainable World Congress (Schloss Grafenegg, Grafenegg)
  • 08/31 Panel discussion “Political autumn” (Haus der Musik, Vienna)
  • 09/02 Panel discussion “OÖN Election arena” (Kongresszentrum Toscana, Gmunden)
  • 09/15 Panel discussion “Deaf Austrians during the nazi regime” (Universität, Vienna)
  • 10/01 Panel discussion “Electromobility moves” (Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna)
  • 10/02 Talk Hermann Scheer (Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna)
  • 10/02 Panel discussion “Renewable energy act” (Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna)
  • 10/13 Panel discussion “The end of the modern consumer society” (Hollerei, Vienna)
  • 10/19 BackTalk with Verena Krausneker (Depot, Vienna)
  • 10/20 Talk Christian Felber “Who’s gonna be rich?” (Kolpinghaus Währing, Vienna)
  • 10/26 Panel discussion “#unibrennt” (Audimax, Vienna)
  • 11/04 Panel discussion “Youth.Climate.Parliament” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 11/04 BackTalk with Robert Menasse (Depot, Vienna)
  • 11/10 Panel discussion “The Age of Stupid” (BOKU, Vienna)
  • 11/11 Conference “Climate in Crisis” (Politische Akademie, Vienna)
  • 11/13 Panel discussion “The Age of Stupid” (C1, Vienna)
  • 11/24 Panel discussion “Climate protection with side-effects?” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 11/24 Talk Jean Ziegler (Audimax, Vienna)
  • 12/02 BackTalk with Isolde Charim (Depot, Vienna)
  • 12/03 Panel discussion “Economization of education” (Audimax, Vienna)
  • 12/04 Presentation Klaus Werner-Lobo “The world is ours” (Audimax, Vienna)
Other activities

  • 01/27 Holocaust Memorial event (Judenplatz, Vienna)
  • 05/02 Open Day at the Upper Austrian state parliament (Landhaus, Linz)
  • 06/13 Flashmob protest “Freedom at MQ” (Museumsquartier, Vienna)
  • 06/16 Demonstration for the Iranian people (Vienna)
  • 06/18 Demonstration “Lights around the Parliament” (Parliament, Vienna)
  • 07/03 Summer Festival of Intercultural Greens (Altes Rathaus, Linz)
  • 07/04 25 years Hintergebirge Festival (Brunnbachstadl, Großraming)
  • 09/11 “Wear Fair” Fair (Arbeiterkammer, Linz)
  • 09/21 Kick-off TH!NK ABOUT IT (Bella Center, Copenhagen)
  • 09/21 Wake Up Climate Flashmob (Copenhagen)
  • 10/16 10 years ZARA Festival (WUK, Vienna)
  • 10/17 Stand Up for Millennium development goals (Mariahilferstraße, Vienna)
  • 10/24 Flashmobs and Climate Chance (Stephansplatz, Vienna)
  • 10/28 Demonstration “More money for education” (Vienna)
  • 11/05 Demonstration “Education” (Vienna)
  • 11/16 WeissSee Ideenlounge (Forum Mozartplatz, Vienna)
  • 11/21 Memorial event “Viennese lights” (Rathaus, Vienna)
  • 11/22 Green future congress (Kolosseum XXI, Vienna)
  • 12/05 Human Banner “5 minutes before 12” (Stephansplatz, Vienna)

The right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is a right to change ourselves by changing the city.

— Henri Lefebvre —


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    An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport.

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