Hermann Scheer: “100% renewable energy is necessary and possibe!”

Last week, EUROSOLAR President Hermann Scheer held a speech at the Natural History Museum in Vienna on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of EUROSOLAR Austria. His message was clear: A complete transition to 100% renewable energy is necessary and possible within the next three decades! (see video in German)

The opportunities are obvious: Every eight minutes, the sun delivers as much energy to the earth’s surface as our annual consumption of nuclear and fossil energy. But it’s not just about energy and climate issues: Renewable energy also shapens our economy, culture and civilization as it will fundamentally change our lives with regards to a democratization of energy supply that leads to individual and regional energy autonomy!

The effects are clear: Energy security for all people at lower prices rather than high dependence, infrastructure costs and risks – the obvious question is what prevents us from a rapid transition of our energy production? If we ask ourselves who will be the winners and who will be the losers of this structural change from imported energy to domestically produced energy, we get to an answer. While most people will be winners as they become their own energy producers, the traditional energy companies will lose influence and profits. So, according to Hermann Scheer, the answer is a political accusation: Will politicians continue to represent the interests of the energy industry or will they represent the objective interests of the people, especially of future generations?

Thus, politics has to emancipate itself from the energy sector instead of continuously exchanging people between these two sectors, as it is common in Austria. Thereby, the citizens will become the most important political ally of the future. Once they recognize that a rapid transformation to 100% renewable energy is possible, the hesitators will fail to further postpone this transformation by claiming that they need a few more decades of time!

It is therefore up to us to persuade other people by informing each other, demonstrating regional success stories and communicating the vision of energy autonomy in order to accelerate structural change in the energy sector!


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Posted on October 11, 2009 in Sustainability

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