South East False Creek: One of Vancouver’s many great urban development projects

South East False Creek is one of Vancouver’s many great urban development projects as the city turned the Olympic Village from 2010 into a residential neighborhood that embraces modern architecture, sustainability, density, quality of life and a beautiful waterfront.

Next to the historic salt building, the great public square, the cafés and shops as well as the apartment buildings already built, construction is currently underway for apartments for 16,000 more people, childcare facilities, a primary school, a community garden and much more.

The buildings not only feature a good mix of lowrise and midrise height but are also great examples of green architecture thanks to their impressive green roofs. Together with clean energy from a waste heat utility, rain water use, parks, green and walkable public spaces, public transport and three central bike paths, they form a truly green neighborhood of the future.

South East False Creek is a best practice example of modern and sustainable urban development and should serve as a role model not only for future Olympic Villages but for any urban development project that strives to create a sustainable, vibrant and livable neighborhood.

And, finally, let’s take this video tour of Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek development to learn about its design and its award-winning sustainable features:

Posted on July 21, 2012 in Urbanism

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