City Pics: Stockholm

As I’ve just spent a long weekend in beautiful Stockholm, this City Pics blogpost features some common photo insights into a livable city, in particular green speaces, unique waterfronts, multimodal transport, dense neighborhoods and a vibrant public life, plus plenty of people cycling, walking and pushing their baby strollers. Not to forget a beautiful sunset, separate bike lanes, a bike counter, a public bikeshare system, tasty food, autumn leaves, and great architecture and public spaces.

Speaking of dense, walkable and vibrant neighborhoods, friendly people and great walks along the water, Stockholm reminded me of Vancouver, especially as both cities are also about the same size. Perhaps, Stockholm should be called “Vancouver of Europe” (or the other way around), perhaps it’s only a personal impression. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my pictures:

Posted on October 15, 2013 in Urbanism

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Andreas Lindinger is a Vienna-based business consultant, sustainability expert and urban thinker passionate about livable cities, sustainable transportation, renewable energy and civic engagement. Andreas offers a transdisciplinary business, finance and sustainability background, industry expertise in energy, mobility and environmental consulting and broad international experience gained in Vienna, Vancouver, Berlin and Dublin. Make sure to also check out and to follow @lindinger on Twitter.

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