Video Sunday: Inspiration from TEDCity2.0

Last September, TEDCity2.0 (complemented by many TEDxCity2.0 events around the world) brought together some of the world’s leading urban thinkers in New York City for “envisioning the cities of our future and sharing big ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions”.

Out of more than 20 inspiring talks, I’d like to first share two talks by two urbanists that I particularly appreciate for their bold ideas on transit and walking which also happen to be my two favorite modes of transport in Vienna. So, let’s watch Enrique Peñalosa’s talk on “Why buses represent democracy in action” and Jeff Speck’s talk on “The Walkable City”:

Moreover, I’ve already blogged about Janette Sadik-Khan’s talk “New York’s streets? Not so mean any more” but would like to share this excellent and important talk again as it complements the other two talks by showing the transformative power of temporary structures and paint in changing our streets and other public places:

Finally, Chris Downey, a blind architect, planner, and consultant adds another perspective by explaining why cities are fantastic places for the blind and encouraging us to design the city with the blind in mind. What a stunning, inspiring and entertaining talk!

You can view all TEDCity2.0 sessions from NYC here: TEDCity2.0 on Livestream. Have a great Sunday!

Posted on January 19, 2014 in Urbanism

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