Give Young People a Voice!

A recent survey among 500 Austrian teenagers (aged 14-18 years) on environmental and social sustainability once again showed that particularly in times of crisis we have to offer opportunities for participation and decision-making to young people who want to create a fair and sustainable future for themselves. Responsible decision-maker cannot longer ignore those who have the biggest…

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Did we waste the Crisis?

Yesterday, SERI’s Jill Jäger asked the important question “Is (was) the crisis an opportunity for change?” at the Sustainable World Congress in Grafenegg. “Josef Plank from the Ecosocial Forum also reminded us to “Never waste a good crisis”. Bute while there are signs of recovery around the globe, the three most important questions of the…

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Flassbeck urges us to think holistically

At the end of June, Heiner Flassbeck visited the Kreisky-Forum to urge politicians to think holistically again as holistic thinking has disappeared from politics after the end of Keynesianism 30-40 years ago. In particular, Flassbeck criticized that politics ignores the logic of the global economy and that people didn’t benefit from the increases in productivity…

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City Pics: New York

As expected, New York was definitely the highlight of my recent road trip along the US East Coast. While I really liked walking through Boston and also found Washington quite interesting, the city that never sleeps lived up to its reputation, offering vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, awesome sights and stunning views over Manhattan. Enjoy!

The Austrian Solar Photovoltaic Disaster

Yesterday, Photovoltaic Austria called the state of Austria’s solar photovoltaic industry in the last year a “full solar eclipse”. Similarly to wind energy, the newly installed solar PV capacity in Austria dramatically declined to only 2.0 MWp due to the bad Eco-electricity Act. In contrast, the newly installed capacities of some of our neighboring countries:…

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The Austrian Wind Power Disaster

According to a current study on the potential of wind energy and its effects on climate change, health, the environment, water use and other sustainability factors, wind energy is the most promising form of energy. With 43% of newly installed capacity in the EU in 2008, wind power is an integral element of European renewable energy investments.…

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From Grassroots Movements to Politics 2.0

While proponents of the Austrian Greens are seeing their own party moving away from grassroots democracy due to the Voggenhuber case, US President Barack Obama tries to use the grassroots movement that has brought him into office for his new role. According to Wikipedia, a grassroots movement is a movement “driven by the constituents of a community” that is characterized…

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A new political vision

Austria in 2009: Politicians are engaging in emotional controversies instead of offering comprehensive answers to our central challenges, in particular the global economic crisis, dangerous climate change and rising inequality. They are stuck in political gridlock while they should actually tackle the fact that we’re living at the expense of other people on this planet…

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