My Skills

Applying a flexible and adaptive skillset to today's biggest challenges.

The climate crisis, urbanization and other major challenges are too complex to be solved by one specialized discipline as their interconnectedness requires transdisciplinary solutions and broad interest in systems, methods and concepts. So, I aim at applying these skills that I’ve acquired throughout my education, projects and professional career:

Analytic and Business Reasoning

Analysis: Strong analytic, research and IT skills paired with the ability to quickly pick up complex problems

Reasoning: Ability to access and analyze large amounts of information and to apply data-based reasoning

Problem solving: Ability to unpack complex problems and to come up with genuinely novel solutions

Business thinking: Finance background with the ability to align sustainability and business objectives

Adaptive and Transdisciplinary Thinking

Critical thinking: Finding solutions beyond what is routine by applying judgment, creativity and curiosity

Interconnectedness: Adressing interrelated economic, social and environmental challenges

Systems thinking: Taking a broad, holistic view to make connections and adapt in response to feedback

Transdisciplinarity: Understanding concepts across multiple disciplines and linking disciplines together

Leadership and Communication Skills

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to collaborate within teams and across networks

Project Management: Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work and to manage projects effectively

Communication: Ability to communicate and drive change, fluency in English and German

Social Media: Assess and develop new media content for effective communication and networking

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