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City Pics: Prague

Well, Prague is such a beautiful city, I should have visited it earlier, especially as it’s just a five-hour train ride away from Vienna. So, let me share some pictures from my recent weekend-trip to the capital of the Czech Republic:

City Pics: Copenhagen

Thanks to the European Journalism Centre’s “TH!NK ABOUT IT” blogging competition on climate change, I recently had the opportunity to visit Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, probably one of the most beautiful and livable cities in Europe which is best known for its cycling culture. So, it is no wonder that I was excited to see so…

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City Pics: New York

As expected, New York was definitely the highlight of my recent road trip along the US East Coast. While I really liked walking through Boston and also found Washington quite interesting, the city that never sleeps lived up to its reputation, offering vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, awesome sights and stunning views over Manhattan. Enjoy!

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