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EARTHtalks: Dare to be great!

On Thursday May, 16th, the annual EARTHtalks brought together renowned speakers and many (especially young) people interested in climate change and the environment in Vienna’s imperial Hofburg. In her introductory remarks, Freda Meissner-Blau chose “We want a lively planet” as the theme for this inspirational event which is organized by NEONGREEN Network as an “Initiative…

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Climate Change Adaptation: Austrians are Ready to Act!

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are the two main pillars of effective climate policies. Nevertheless, despite the importance of a comprehensive adaptation strategy for Austria’s tourism and agricultural sectors, large parts of the media and the public ignore this topic. Last year, I participated in a survey on “Climate change adaptation in Austria” conducted by…

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Let’s continue to act!

Let’s face it: COP15 was a historic political failure which didn’t produce anything valuable and does not guarantee further political action. As climate change won’t take a break after Copenhagen, it is our task to sustain the momentum of the civil society movements that have sent so many great signals through the whole world in…

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