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“The climate crisis is madness. We can stop this madness.”

Like many other people I don’t expect much from the current UN COP19 Climate Talks in Warsaw, mainly because of all the disappointments of previous COPs, the big focus on COP20 in Lima and COP21 in Paris and a host country that is hungry for coal. Like many other people, I am also putting more…

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Let’s continue to act!

Let’s face it: COP15 was a historic political failure which didn’t produce anything valuable and does not guarantee further political action. As climate change won’t take a break after Copenhagen, it is our task to sustain the momentum of the civil society movements that have sent so many great signals through the whole world in…

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Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao disappoint!

After today’s speeches by Wen Jiabao and Barack Obama today at noon it became clear that COP15 will end with a disappointment. The US and China have not moved with regards to their emission reduction targets compared to the insufficient targets that were already discussed before the summit in Copenhagen. So, the public expectations for…

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